Selling your LPO

We are working on some handy information for Licensees who are thinking about selling their LPO in the hope that this page will become a useful resource.

This page will also be used as a reference for LPOG members who are selling / have sold their LPO so that they are aware of the extent of their relationship with LPOG once they are no longer a Licensee.

  1. Licensees must advise LPOG in writing when they have sold their LPO and disclose (prior to) the settlement / handover date. This should be done by email to
  2. In accourdance with 7.6c of the Constitution, Licensee Members who sell their business may apply directly to the board to become an Associate Member if they wish to continue supporting LPOGroup. This should be done via email
  3. Associate members are defined in 8.3 of the Constitution and are bound by the limitations therein. Non members and Associate members of LPOGroup are unable to access LPOGroup insurance programs or LPOG online forums.