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LPO Licensee / Australia Post Business Relationship Survey

LPO Survey for Senate Inquiry Submission

UPDATE (26/04/2018): Survey is now CLOSED

The survey is now closed and we know you are all busy so a big Thank You for the time and effort in completing the survey.  We’ve had a great response and in reviewing the feedback there are common themes and shared experiences nationally.  We are now busy finalising the submission and a copy of the summarised survey results will be available shortly.  Many of you provided additional comments which really added a greater level of detail to the negatives (and some positives) of being a Licensee.  As a reminder, your identifiable information will be treated as in confidence.

In March 2018, the Senate referred an Inquiry into the Operation and Effectiveness of the Franchising Code of Conduct. The LPOGroup will be making an evidence-based submission to the Senate Inquiry and wants your participation to help shape the response. 

The survey is based on the Terms of Reference as detailed in the Senate inquiry and should take around 12 minutes to complete. Your indentifiable information will be treated in confidence.

This survey is open to all Licensees to complete and will close on Wednesday 25 April 2018. Once completed, responses will be summarised and used in the LPOGroup submission, which is due 4 May 2018.

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Australia Post has Government Approval for Reforms

Licensee Reform Update - Message from Christine Corbett.pdf  -Check out your internal messages in your office.

The reforms package has been approved by the Government and suddenly we have a future.

It is expected that the BPR will rise to $1 in September. That will achieve a massive financial boost to thousands of Licensees. Close to a 60% increase on all BPR linked payments over the last 18 months. 

We look forward to the report being prepared by PIP on all the rest of our payments, and then we will all be looking at a much different future. The rise in the BPR is not the solution to all of our issues, but it is certainly going to help a lot of rural and remote LPOs who earn most of their income from mail work.

Quietly Confident for a Positive Process for Recommendation 17

It is with a certain amount of elation, mixed with a shade of hesitancy, when considering our historical disconnect, that LPOG would like to report that we are quietly confident that the process for the undertaking of the Senate Recommendation 17 seems to be on track to provide us all with a possible new picture of our future, and quite possibly a way back to a more functional relationship.

Over the last few years Licensees and Australia Post have been building an ever increasing troubled relationship. Somehow over the last few years, more and more super keen Licensees have been finding the disconnect growing at an alarming rate. The 'thems and us's' have become paramount in our business relationship with our Franchisor - Australia Post. On their side, I believe, and it is only an opinion, AP are feeling just as alarmed. Most AP employees seem to do the best that they can under the circumstances. They see the same disconnect from the other side of our gulf. 

To step up and say that it looks like we might have a new beginning is like stepping out on a limb, but that is what LPOG was established for, so lets say we might be looking at it.

Australia Post announces further support for Licensed Post Office network

LPOG welcomes the announcement that Australia Post will commence actioning some of the recommendations outlined by the Environment and Communications Senate Committee in their final report following the recent Senate Inquiry entitled: Performance, importance and role of Australia Post in Australian communities and its operations in relation to licensed post offices.

MyPost - Where's the consultation?

MyPost - Licensees excluded from business strategy discussions, operational consultation and remuneration negotiations.

In recent LEEP meetings Licensees have learned about Parcel Collect, a MyPost service for customers wishing to address their parcels to a Post Office of their choice.

On the surface it looks like a promising service for customers, however yet again the fee does not match the service conducted at LPOs. In fact, the service hasn't been field tested properly because the red MyPost card that is a key part of the service was not issued to any of the customers who participated in the trial. Therefore no time and motion analysis could have been conducted as no statistics exist on transaction exceptions such as: proportion of customers not presenting their MyPost card at time of parcel collection.

Open Letter to POAAL - Senate Inquiry Recommendations

Open Letter to POAAL from LPOG - DOWNLOAD HERE

LPOG has been very clear about the overwhelming support from our members for the Senate Inquiry recommendations delivered last month by the Senate Committee.

However, after speaking with a mixture of Licensees, some of whom are POAAL members and several who are not members of LPOG or POAAL, there is a concern that they do not know where POAAL stands on the Senate Inquiry or the recommendations. While we cannot comment on behalf of POAAL, the POAAL website has this brief article.

LPOG has therefore written a sincere, open letter to POAAL requesting they make their position be known to all. All stakeholders, particularly Licensees, need to know this information as a matter of urgency.

Senate Inquiry Final Report - Media Links

Validation, Vindication, Now Onward

LPOG members can enjoy the fruits of our hard won victory in the Senate.

It has been a hard road, and not one without pain. I know none of us enjoyed the rabble/ratbag tags, but in the spirit of such a resounding confirmation that we needed to do what we did, we must move on. The Senate has handed down a consenting report, a unanimous report that confirms our position. We were right to raise our issues and it has been confirmed that we have serious issues. 

LPOG has a prime focus. That is to correct the financial position of LPOG members and in so doing build a new Association for our members 

Many Licensees believe they do not need to contribute to this effort, because whatever we achieve will be handed on to all Licensees. So many have sat by and waited for a few to do the work. It remains to be seen if that is the outcome we will all achieve. LPOG does not puport to represent anyone but members of LPOG. We therefore invite all Licensees to join LPOG as a matter of urgency to ensure you are represented and to help us engage with the Government and Australia Post to see the Senate Inquiry reccomendations are carried out in full.

There was much mention of POAAL, and there has been much mention of POAAL over the last 12 months, and especially over the last 24 hours on our web site.

May we suggest that if you have opinions that you wish to share in regard to POAAL, and their operations, that ASIC would be the best place to direct those comments.

We really do not want to waste our bandwidth on issues that could be better directed elsewhere. 

In the interests of moving on, LPOG has taken the open forum offline until further notice.

If Licensees have issues to discuss with LPOG please use the contact tab above to send us an email. Members can participate on Members Only Forums.

Senate Inquiry Report in the Senate

The Environment and Communications Legislation Committee have presented their Senate Inquiry report in the Australian Senate.

  • The Senate recording can be viewed here (Skip to 4:00:00) - 24/9/2014
  • Download the complete final report here (Requires a PDF viewer)
  • View the final report online here
  • Additional Comments in the Senate here (Skip to 4:57:00) and here (From Beginning) - 25/9/2014