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FIRB Submissions - Japan Post takeover bid of Toll Holdings

Calling all mail stakeholders - make your submissions to the Foreign Investment Review Board

Japan Post takeover bid for Toll Holdings (TOL.AU). (News Articles)

While FIRB may not solicit submissions from third parties (except state and territory government departments and agencies) there is nothing stopping all mail stakeholders from making submissions directly to FIRB for consideration before they make their recommendation to the Federal Treasurer.

Senate Inquiry Extended – Interim Report Released

UPDATE: Submissions still being accepted via APH website HERE

Due to an overwhelming number of submissions and issues raised, the Environment and Communications Legislation Committee has made the decision to extend the Senate Inquiry entitled: Performance, importance and role of Australia Post in Australian communities and its operations in relation to licensed post offices - until March 31, 2014.

The interim report can be accessed here (if you cannot download the document from the APH website, download the document here: Interim report.pdf)

The Committee acknowledges the depth of issues raised, particularly by LPOs through individual submissions, witnesses at the Senate Inquiry Hearing and submissions made by stakeholders.

The Committee explored the immediate and long term challenges facing both Australia Post and LPOs. It goes without saying that both entities need to be successful into the future to ensure Australian communities are able to access our world class postal service and the armada of additional services Australians depend on.

Senate Inquiry

Parliament House

Performance, importance and role of Australia Post in Australian communities and its operations in relation to Licensed Post Offices

EDIT: SUBMISSIONS Will be accepted until the 31 March, 2014



Visit: www.aph.gov.au

Terms of reference

On 14 November 2013, the Senate referred the following matters to the Environment and Communications Legislation Committee for inquiry and report by 11 December 2013:

(a) the overall performance, importance and role of Australia Post in Australian communities, and the challenges it faces in the immediate and longer term;

(b) the operations of Australia Post in relation to Licensed Post Offices (LPOs), with particular reference to:

(i) the importance and role of the LPO network in the Australian postal system, with particular reference to regional and remote areas,

(ii) the licensing and trading conditions applicable to LPOs, including the Community Service Obligations, and any effects these may have on operating an LPO business, and

(iii) marketing, retail and trading arrangements between Australia Post and LPOs and other entities; and

(iv) any related matters.

Time To Step Up

Make your contribution to this effort to keep the LPO network alive.

Don't rely on someone else to do this, help yourself by helping LPOG.

Licensees across the country need to contact their local federal members, as a matter of urgency, and discuss the dire situation facing Licensed Post Offices today, before it is your office that it is too late to save. Over the last few weeks several Licensees have had to make the very difficult decision to close their doors and walk away from the business that they once proudly purchased. Many Licensees live with the daily fear of their valuable business income being striped away from their businesses to benefit the corporate arm of Australia Post. Daily we see examples of customers being poached by ruthless account managers, customers enticed to shop online with offers of prices below our wholesale costs, stock delays or cancelations, mail contracts being downgraded or passed onto cheap alternatives, payment rates and profit on sales being cut or removed, new transactions being denied to the LPOs, and an ever increasing workload expected to be performed for little or no financial return.

This is not the way to run a successful Government Business Enterprise and Licensees need to stop thinking that they have no option but to accept the road to doom. Licensees purchased their businesses in good faith, with a solid expectation that they would enjoy a healthy and comfortable future, working hand in hand with the corporate partner. 

LPOG Take Action


After much talking and planning the time has come to put into action our strategy to rebalancing LPOs position in the postal network. We are a large group of small business owners who are being systematically reduced in number by the unfair business practices of the Government Business Enterprise that is vested with providing Australia with the Postal Service that we require. We are not seeking a disproportionate share of the revenue, rather we are seeking what we agreed to work for. Under the LPO Agreement the payments were clearly determined and the ratios set. 

Fahour's Rejig Needs Licensees Attention

According to The Australian, Sept 25, page 19 (Business sector) Australia Post has managed to raise the return on equity to 18.7% in the 2012 financial year from 14.1% in 2009, the year Ahmed took over. Over the past 2 years the operating losses on the regulated businesses has fallen from $123m to $148m, while profit on the non-regulated business have increased from $451m to $545.6m.

Licensees flyer to your local politicians

Would you like to tell your local politicians about the issues that Licensed Post Offices face under the current management of Australia Post.

Print this flyer and send it to your local members so that we can help them to understand the local Post Office needs their help and should be high on their list of priorities.