Who we are

We are LPO Licensees!

LPOG is a growing group of LPO Licensees from all states across Australia, who have formed a Franchisees Association to ensure the viability of the LPO model. It is our aim to provide an alternative Industry body to represent our member's interests in our ongoing relationship with Australia Post, and to provide support and resources to help build more successful outcomes for Licensed Post Offices.

LPOG is bound by a constitution and every Licensee Member has the opportunity to join Committees and stand for elections.

Our current board of Directors:

You can help shape LPOG by becoming a Member, sharing your advice and experience and support for fellow Licensees, or nominate for State Committees. We need as much support, experience and enthusiasm as possible, to tackle the big issues that threaten our considerable investment in Licensed Post Offices in Australia.

Our future will only ever be as good as we make it, and together we can give each other a hand, build on our strengths and grow our future.

Our Constitution

Our constitution can be downloaded here.