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It's time to unite.

  • Are you interested in a better, fairer and more equitable relationship with AP, with a return to the concept of mutual benefit and profitable LPOs?
  • Do you want effective and transparent representation for your rights under the LPO Agreement, without the need for personal costly and arduous dispute processes managed by you?
  • Do you want a professional body to be watching out for your business interests while you run your business?
  • Do you want some support?

Have you heard of the LPOG?

The Licensed Post Office Group (LPOG) is a Franchisees Association for Licensees of Licensed Post Offices. Established in early 2013 to provide a positive and proactive alliance of Licensees across Australia, LPOG is a dedicated association of working Licensees, working for Licensees, to provide better business outcomes for all LPOG members. Since the inception of the Licensed Post Office Group, the Board of Directors, and many LPOG Licensee working groups have been engaged in many avenues to secure a more promising future for our members.

The Senate Inquiry has also ushered in a new era of Australia Post engagement with LPO Licensees, predominantly through the LPO Forum which brought APLAC (Australia Post Licensee Advisory Council), LPOG and POAAL (Post Office Agents Association Limited) into the same room with Australia Post for strategic discussions and better management of our shared future. It is therefore astounding that POAAL have chosen to withdraw from the LPO Forum. LPOGroup looks forward to engaging with Australia Post in many strategic business areas with the view to developing mutually beneficial outcomes. This is a long term commitment by Australia Post and Licensee Representative Bodies and LPOG intends to be a strong advocate for Licensees best outcomes through this process.

LPOG members believe our participation with the Senate Committee during the last 18 months, which has resulted in an increased pay packet for Licensees of $125 Million per year, inclusive of the BPR lift which is anticipated towards the end of 2015, has been able to breathe new life into the LPO Network.

LPOG is further encouraged to see that Australia Post has responded to a great many issues ventilated through the inquiry, which Licensees have found increasingly troubling and challenging over the last decade. We have seen a lift in the BPR, introduction of a scanning payment finally, the removal of the shortfall fees, technology provided to manual LPOs, and the Holy Grail for many, a reasonable street carded article payment. There is still many items on the to do list, first among them is an extension to the payment for parcels to include all parcels delivered to customers via an LPO, regardless of how they arrive at the LPO. This we expect, will see an increase in remuneration for POB parcels and parcels carded to the LPO from mail contractors also, and is currently next hot topic on the LPO Forum agenda to be addressed, hopefully with solutions provided, over the next 4 – 8 weeks.

A sceptic may like to say the progress being made in our improving relationship with Australia Post, and long overdue payment reform could be a coincidence. It is far more likely that Australia Post, with Senate oversight, has finally heard our serious concerns, and has taken a better look at the problems of the business and the LPO network in general and responded. LPOG believes the tide is definitely turning.  This is as a direct result of proactive working Licensees looking to improve our industry, and this is very encouraging for Licensees all over Australia. While the LPOG is only authorised to act for our financial members, our lobbying on behalf of our members has seen the benefits passed onto all Licensees.  LPOG encourages all Licensees to join with us to make a difference, and help build a better business model and ensure the viability of the LPO network, for all Licensees and our communities.

There is no doubt that the postal industry is facing changing times, so too is the LPO industry. In purchasing a Licensed Post Office, LPOG believes you have purchased a blue chip small business which is an evolving venture that should yield its operator/s a sound return on investment, as well as a rewarding commercial income, for the day to day operations.

For Licensees to rebuild the LPO network into a more successful business model, we need to be quick to adapt to changes, and to be able to respond to the microeconomics of our local area. This is often a steep learning curve for new Licensees, and many Licensees welcome the support and friendship that LPOG membership can provide.

Our members are committed to delivering a strong and vibrant voice for Licensees in our ongoing affiliation with Australia Post. It is vital for the success of the business as a whole that both parties engage in a mutually beneficial relationship that provides viable outcomes for both parties. Australia Post is moving to embrace the digital space more successfully into the overall business platform. As Licensees we welcome the introduction of this new and emerging business into the overall mix. As Licensees we also worry that our needs, both financial and operational, may not be fully understood in this new business platform. Therefore it is imperative that we have very strong input and advocacy from Licensees who will be incorporating this new business directly into our working lives.

The best way for Australia Post to grow and develop is with the full participation of the LPO network. That means revenue to Licensees. In the past Licensees have been adversely impacted by the introduction of many on-line strategies, and we are understandably reticent to welcome any more of the same. With a stronger, more informed and determined voice, the needs of the Licensees in all manner of business outcomes will be better understood, and will result in improved outcomes for all. The example of the linking of the MyPost account to the LPO at sign up, and the provision of a trailing commission for the life of the account, is an excellent example. The MyPost platform is in its infancy, so the impact of this business on any retail outlets is uncertain at present, but it is anticipated to be an ‘add on’ to the existing physical offer of ‘instore’ customer’s needs. However the trailing commission will see existing customers leaving your area to relocate, remain your customers for the life of their accounts. That in effect will then become a passive income for your LPO.

The Licensee network is a diverse group of people with a wide range of skills and abilities. The more Licensees who join LPOG and help bring about change the better the long term results for all. LPOG has been aided by the digital age as we have a dynamic web site that allows instant access for member’s interaction from all over the country. LPOG provides Licensee members with an on-line portal for all things related to LPOs and is building into a one stop resource centre for members to help manage and grow our businesses.

With many hundreds of members logging in to the LPOG web site every week, there is a wealth of information, ideas, tips, suggestions, solutions, suppliers and networking, all easily accessed from your computer, and has resulted in improved ideas and a new enthusiasm for Licensees. The LPOG web site support makes it easy for Licensees to stay connected.

We currently have a range of LPO friendly suppliers providing links to their products and web sites, with more coming on board every week. We envisage the LPOG web site will provide a dedicated Suppliers page in the future, and all non - AP products, recommended and supported by members will be easily accessed.

LPOG has secured the services of Insurance Broker Willis Australia. Willis has been managing LPO insurance for almost 20 years. They understand and support the needs of LPOs. All mandatory insurance, and optional insurance cover required for all LPO operators is available at very competitive rates. Members of LPOG enjoy the offer of mandatory Public Liability Insurance for an annual fee of $128 when combined with your membership fee.

The LPOG community invites you to join us by becoming a financial member and helping to bring our industry back into the blue chip investment we all believed we were buying.

Angela Cramp

Chair: Licensed Post Office Group